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The Ultimate Trichological Range of Products For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays, and people are always on the lookout for products that may improve hair growth. People who had once thick mane looks now have a sparse scalp these days, and they are probably wondering what's the reason behind their hair loss and what they can do to fix it. So, when we talk of hair loss & thinning, the main causes are stress, pollution, hormonal issues, and dietary disruptions. 

This is when you trust a new and ultimate Trichological range of DSD hair loss treatment products that promise you the best results for your hair problems. All DSD hair loss products are produced in Barcelona using specialized advanced formulas that promise remarkable therapeutical effects for hair. In detail, let's introduce you to the new line of well-known DSD De Luxe Hair Loss treatment products. 

Trichological Range of Hair Loss Products by Dsd De Luxe: 

DSD de Luxe Intense Shampoo

The intensive shampoo from DSD de Luxe has been specially designed to cleanse the scalp and hair to strengthen and stimulate hair growth. The shampoo contains active growth stimulators and Saw Palmetto extract that blocks the activity of a hormone responsible for alopecia issues. This shampoo also exerts vasodilating effect, and its formula is enriched with collagen and keratin that positively influences hair structure. Incorporating this shampoo into your hair care routine promises to reduce hair loss and leave the scalp with a refreshing sensation. 

DSD de Luxe Triple Action Conditioner 

We all know shampoos work best when we combine them with the right conditioner.  So, when it comes to conditioner,  DSD de Luxe triple action conditioner is the best pick to pair with intense shampoo. The conditioner works on scalp conditions and promotes hair growth. It contains special components like shea butter, collagen, keratin, and more that enhance and regenerate hair structure. In addition, DSD has also added minerals and proteins in their conditioner in order to stimulate hair growth. The conditioner contains well-known antioxidants and stimulants that improve overall hair health. 

DSD de Luxe Keratin Treatment Mask 

You might have heard about this one haircare treatment that caters to hair loss problems. Yes, that keratin treatment. How about enjoying this treatment without booking your visit to the salon? That's possible when you try the newly introduced DSD de LUXE keratin treatment mask. This mask contains double-action remedies that stimulate hair growth and improve hair structure. The mask contains special hair growth stimulators like caffeine and adenosine. Moreover, this DSD mask also greatly influences the hair structure as it restores the damaged hair with keratin and lecithin. With this treatment mask usage, you can see noticeable strength, shine, and volume in your hair. 

Creepily De Luxe Classic Lotion 

Another cosmetic product introduced by DSD de Luxe is the classic hair stimulation loss, which is a great product for hair loss and thinning treatment. The lotion is an excellent remedy for diffusing hair loss. The lotion contains a new stimulating agent for hair growth. Also, it contains a balanced concentration of biogenic stimulators. These stimulators assist in hair growth and also have a strong vasodilating effect. As a result, this lotion promises to provide your scalp with a sustained sensation of warmth and freshness. You must use this lotion after washing your hair with DSD Luxe intense shampoo for maximum results. 


So, these DSD de Luxe products promise to provide remarkable therapeutical effects for hair growth and resolve other hair problems. The safety of these products has been confirmed clinically as well as by a team of physicians. It is one of the best Trichological ranges of products individuals can trust for their hair loss problems. If you plan to incorporate them into your hair care routine, get access to these DSD de Luxe hair care products right here at ePharmaCY. Also, find more products crafted by DSD to resolve and find a great solution for your other scalp and hair problems.



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