Xaluron Ortho, Suppositories, 10

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Vaginally. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you usually take one globule before going to bed. The pessary should be inserted deep into the vagina. Vaginal pessaries are packed in a plastic protective foil. Before removing the globule from the protective foil, make sure that the consistency of the globule is sufficiently compact and allows for correct insertion. If the pessary is too liquid, place it in the fridge for a few minutes or under a stream of cold, running water (without removing it from the packaging). Then tear the protective foil from the side where it is factory separated and remove the globule with previously washed hands. Discard the protective film. Insert the pessary in the supine position, inserting it deeply into the vagina with your finger. The globules must not be applied with fragments of the protective foil. Contact of the globule with the eyes should be avoided.