Volcano Dao Doublet

Volcano Dao Doublet Pencil Inhaler 5g

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Recommendations for use


Remove the plastic cover, bring the body of the inhaler to the nose.

Slowly and calmly inhale and exhale through the nasal passages.

In the complex treatment of cold symptoms, use 3-6 times a day, 2-10 breaths per dose.

In order to prevent inhalation, carry out 1-2 times a day. Before using the inhaler, the nose should be well cleaned.

Before the first use, it is necessary to conduct a trial inhalation of 2-5 breaths to assess the individual tolerance of the drug components.


Holiday conditions

Over the counter


Pencil inhaler DUPLET VOLCANO DAO - recommended for use in case of runny nose, colds, headaches, motion sickness in transport, dizziness, general malaise, fatigue, drowsiness, overwork, decreased concentration.

The Duplet Volcano Dao inhaler has a very convenient, small package that allows you to carry it with you always.


Active substances: mint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, mineral oil, menthol, camphor.