Vitis Dental Waxed (red), Dental Floss, 50m

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The Vitis product range includes Vitis® toothpaste with wax, a simple and convenient oral hygiene product that helps to reduce the appearance of cavities or periodontal diseases.

This oral cleanser is the ideal complement to reach the most difficult corners of your teeth, eliminating any remaining food in its path.Thanks to the incorporation of micro waxes in the tape and its flat, slim design, the glide between the teeth is much smoother and more comfortable without damaging the gums.

The daily use of Vitis® dental tape with Vitis® wax, combined with other products essential for oral hygiene, has been proven to help reduce the formation of cavities, plaque and even gingivitis. See for yourself how effective Vitis® Technical Wax Tape is!

Instructions for use

To use it effectively, you should hold a 40 to 50 cm piece between the index and middle fingers of each hand. The dental band should be gently inserted into the interdental space and should be slightly sawed in. This operation can be repeated with all the teeth but always using a clean and different piece of floss for each of them.