Vitis Dental Tape Waxed Flu&, Dental Tape, 50m

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VITIS® Dental Tape FM (green marking) — waxed thread with fluoride and mint flavor, flat for narrow gaps, length 50m. A human tooth has five surfaces, however, when using only a toothbrush and paste, only three of them are processed. The approximal surfaces (the sides in contact with adjacent teeth) remain uncleaned, and it is here that the risk of caries or gum inflammation is high. Dental floss is the best preventive tool to prevent such problems, as it allows you to clean the contact sides of the teeth from plaque and food residues qualitatively. VITIS® dental floss is made of high-quality nylon and coated with wax for the best penetration into the narrow interdental spaces and protection of the gums from accidental cuts. Each thread is packed in an individual box, eliminating contamination of the thread inside. VITIS® threads have two forms of weaving: flat — for the best penetration into narrow interdental spaces, and round — for people with wide gaps between teeth.