Vichy Stress Resist 50% Offer Roll-on 2

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Vichy stress resist is indicated for skins which, under stress conditions, suffer from excessive perspiration in the armpits, hands and feet. Stress is one of the main causes of excessive sweating, which in combination with heat and moisture can cause discomfort. Vichy Stress Resist 72h antiperspirant, results from the combination of some antiperspirant agents, with absorbent minerals such as aluminum and perlite and Perspicalm, a patented ultra-absorbent ingredient ideal for stress peaks where excessive perspiration exists. Stress Resist 72h acts by regulating the perspiration flow, and by controlling the peaks of heat resulting from stress, eliminating the bacteria responsible for the odor. Suitable for sensitive skin, it contains no alcohol or parabens in its formulation. How to use Vichy stress resist? Apply daily in dry armpits, preferably after the morning shower.