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Vichy Deodorant Anti-Perspirant 72hr Roll, 50ml x 1

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Vichy Deodorant Stress roll is suitable both for men and women with sensitive skin, which offers protection from heavy sweating for 72 hours. The hypoallergenic composition is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. The item does not cause allergic reactions as far as it is alcohol and paraben-free. Vichy Deodorant Stress roll offers maximum even if the person is under stress. The deo contains effective antiperspirant ingredients, super-absorbent metals, and periapical which regulates sweat function properly. Due to the convenient package, you can take the item on the trip. The special formula protects you from the increased grade.


There is the only one step you have to take for getting Vichy Deodorant Stress roll: order it at the ePharmaCY online store. Rinse and dry the skin area thoroughly before use. Apply enough deodorant. Use it in the morning and in the evening. It is not recommended to use the item more often.


Ingredients list:

  • water;

  • aluminum chlorogydrate;

  • aluminum sesquichlorohydrate;

  • C14-22 alcohols;

  • alkyl glucoside;

  • stealth;

  • Rosa gallica extract;

  • Rosa gallica flower extract.


Deodorant advantages:

  1. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  2. Has a neutral flavor.

  3. Does not lighten the skin.

  4. Suitable for sportsmen and all those who have a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Does not contain aluminum.


Vichy Deodorant Stress roll makes you feel confident in any situation. It controls sweating, does not cause itching and irritation after application immediately after epilation. Like most Vichy deodorants, it protects against sweat and odor up to 48 hours. You will enjoy the Vichy Deodorant Stress roll price at the ePharmaCY store. You will not find a better place for online shopping in Cyprus!