Verifine [Biomeca], Pen Needles, 100 x 32G x 4mm

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Insulin needles for Verifine syringe pens (VERIFAYN) with a needle size of 32g * 4 are designed for comfortable, painless insulin administration. Universal needles - suitable for most well-known disposable (insulin syringe) and reusable syringe pens. Needle size: 0.20(32G)x4mm. Packing: 100 pcs. Medical needle for children 32g 4 mm Verifine (VERIFAYN) is perfectly wound on any insulin syringe and insulin pen. Special spear-shaped sharpening of the tip of the insulin needle for Verifine syringe pens (VERIFAYN), this is a quick puncture and a minimum of pain! "SUPERstick" technology - silicone coating for 0% puncture resistance allows the insulin needle to practically not damage the skin. The thin wall technology allows a quick injection with this insulin needle with an insulin syringe or pen without the risk of insulin leakage from the injector. Electropolishing of the inner walls of the Verifine insulin needle (VERIFAYN) eliminates force majeure when injecting insulin with automatic insulin syringes, injectors, pens in the form or syringe pens for injections.