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Ayurvedic VANILLA SKY Indian Incense Sticks

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Natural incense sticks are an ancient way of aromatizing a room that came to us from India. Many centuries ago, it was used not only to fill the space with exquisite sound, but also for certain rituals and magical rites. The aroma itself was of particular importance. Vanilla has been used to eliminate anxiety and fear, negative emotions and insomnia. You can try this method and see how it works with Good Sign Company Vanilla Sky Incense Sticks.

Features of Good Sign Company Vanilla Sky Aromastick:

- made from natural ingredients: pollen, petals, spices, herbs and chopped nuts;
- have a rich vanilla aroma that warms and soothes;
- neutralize unpleasant household odors;
- have antipyretic and antibacterial action;
- excellent effect on the respiratory system;
- relieve emotional stress, stress;
- give a feeling of comfort and coziness;
- the length of the sticks is 20 cm. 

Mode of application

Light the end of the incense stick with matches or a lighter, then blow out the flame and place the stick on a special stand. The burning time of one stick is 40-60 minutes.


Pollen, Spices, Herbs, Crushed Nuts, Flower Petals.