Tepe Interdental Xxxxfine Pink(Fouxia)

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All brushes of the Swedish company TePe, depending on the size (from the smallest to the largest), have different color coding.
TePe brushes consist of two parts: a flexible rod with bristles and a convenient compact plastic holder.
The bristles of the brush are made of polyamide and the shaft is made of stainless steel. The core of the brush is covered with silicone.
With a diameter of 0.4 mm, these pink brushes are the smallest brush in the TePe series of interdental brushes. Small size brushes (pink, orange, red, blue) have a flexible cone for a more delicate cleansing.
Brushes are recommended for cleaning interdental spaces, as well as in the distal sections, behind the molars, in the area of implants and braces. Brushes of a specific size (color) should be used for a specific area to be cleaned. The brush should be inserted without effort.
The kit also includes a protective cap for storing and transporting the brush. This cap can be put on the bottom of the holder, thereby extending the handle of the brush for easier cleaning.
The manufacturer, at its discretion and without additional notice, can change the configuration, appearance of the package, the country of production and product characteristics. Check at the time of receiving the goods.