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Sun Chlorella® 'A' is the only chlorella that is pulverised by DYNO®-Mill. This remarkable technology liberates the nutrients in chlorella, whilst breaking up the indigestible chlorella cell wall without the need for excessive heat or chemicals.

Chlorella is a fresh water single-cell green algae, a natural whole food that contains a spectrum of nutrients perfectly designed by nature. Those nutrients include Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Folic Acid.

Sun Chlorella® ‘A’ is Informed Choice certified.

Ingredients:Pulverized Chlorella (95.5%), SOYA Lecithin (from Non-GMO Soya Beans)

 Suggested use: Start with 5 tablets per day and build up gradually to the recommended serving of 15 - 40 tablets per day.

May be taken all at once or in smaller amounts as desired.

Size :300 tablets