Sole Bimbi Spf50+ Milk, Sun Spray, 125ml

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Rich in calendula extracts, aloe vera, olive oil and vitamin E, this product is especially recommended for sensitive skin.The light consistency of the fluid milk and a balanced set of sunscreen filters ensure:
a high degree of protection from ultraviolet rays of the A and B spectrum, especially for very light and sensitive skin.
The product promotes the gradual adaptation of the skin to the effects of sunlight.
Active Ingredients:
Aloe vera juice, calendula flowers have a softening and soothing effect, reduce the negative effects of sunlight, nourish and protect children's skin from dehydration.
Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which are important elements of the membranes of skin cells, as well as vitamins necessary for the skin. Returns the skin to a normal level of hydration, restoring the lipid layer and preventing moisture loss for a long time.
Vitamin E Prevents the formation of free radicals and increases the natural protection of the skin from free radicals and oxidants formed by

ultraviolet rays of the A and B spectrum.