Sofargen, Spray, 125ml

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Product Description Sofargen® _ spray is a medical device for topical application to the skin. The powder dressing in the form of a spray contains light kaolin and silver sulfadiazine and is intended for the treatment of superficial skin injuries such as abrasions, scratches and cuts. Sofargen® _ Spray - properties of the components of the spray dressing Silver sulfadiazine, an organometallic compound obtained by the reaction of silver nitrate with sulfadiazine, prevents microbial contamination of the dressing and protects the wound from exogenous bacteria. At the same time, light kaolin creates a mechanical barrier that protects damaged skin from external factors and simultaneously drains and absorbs wound exudate. Thanks to its unique ingredients, Sofargen® Spray allows you to control exudate, creating conditions conducive to the natural healing process of the skin and providing effective protection against the penetration of bacteria. It is important that after application to the skin, the drug remains at the place of application and does not affect the stretching of the wound edges. It can be easily removed by washing the wound with saline solution.