RunMei COVID-19 rapid test( 5 pcs)

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This kit uses cellulose membrane immunochromatography technology. Antigen detection is used for auxiliary diagnosis or epidemiological investigation of human infection with SARS-CoV-2. Antigen Rapid Detection Kit Parameters Test Card,Disposable sampling tube(with sample diluent buffer),Disposable sampler New coronavirus antigen test card Features: 1. Sensitivity (1)The concentration of recombinant N protein of the new coronavirus can be detected as low as 0. lng/ml. (2) The concentration of inactivated virus lysate can be detected as low as 10ng/ml, and the sensitivity is 105-6 copies/ml. (3)Twenty-six cases were detected in 30 throat swab samples of the new coronavirus, with a detection rate of86.7%. 2. Specificity (1)No false positives were found in100 throat swabs from healthy people. (2) No cross reaction with influenza A virus, infuenza B virus, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, respiratory syncytial virus, etc. You must follow the test directions carefully. Each test can only be used once. Children between 2-17 years of âge must be tested by a parent or legal guardian. IMPORTANT: Swabbing the nostrils is critical for obtaining an accurate result. If you do not swab your nose, tlie device will produce a false negative result.Carefully wiap the used components and samples and dispose in a waste bag.