Romed Classic Fever Thermometer | Analogue | No Mercury | Measuring Range 35°C - 42.0°C (Single Pack - 1 Piece)

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Product description

The classic and analogue fever thermometer from Romed is used for axillary or oral (sublingual) fever measurement. - Type: mercury-free thermometer with shaking down system ✓ - Measuring range: 35°C - 42.0°C ✓ - Measuring accuracy: + 0.10°C - 0.10°C ✓ - Smallest value on scale: 0.1°C ✓ - Graduation: 0.10mm ✓ - Scale: Celsius ✓ - Liquid mixture Composition: Gallium 60% (0.48 g). Indium 23.5% (0.188 g) Tin 16.5% (0.132 g) ✓ - Dimensions: length 120 ± 5 mm, width 8 mm ✓ - Storage temperature: 20 °C to 30 °C (if stored below or above this temperature range 1-2 hours before use allow to acclimatise at 20 °C to 30 °C. ✓ - Applicable harmonised standard: EN 12470-1:2000 ✓ - Medical device according to MDD 93/42/EEC ✓ Application Since the liquid in mercury-free thermometers has lower gravity compared to mercury thermometers, another approach to shaking the liquid is required. How to shake the liquid in the thermometer: insert the thermometer into the shaking tool and screw the green cover. Guide your arm forward and leave the palm perpendicular to the body. Hold the green end of the shaking tool with thumb and index finger. Let the shaking tool stand perpendicular to the palm of your hand. This means that the thermometer and your body should be parallel to each other. Swing the shaking tool during this action at high frequency. Do not shake the arm, only the palm. Do not shake the tool too strong, but at high frequency until the liquid reaches 35°C level.