Rilastil Xerolact Anti - Irritations Cleansing, Oil, 750ml

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Rilastil Xerolact Cleansing Oil Protective and Anti-Irritation is a cleansing solution that targets severe dryness, sensitivity and itchiness. Suitable for fragile and atopic skin, this cleansing oil focuses on restoring the skin’s natural barrier and in providing intense hydration. Therefore, after each use, you will notice how your skin is visibly nourished and soothed with a comforting feeling. Moreover, this product is part of the Rilastil Xerolact range. This set of products was specially developed to dermatologically treat dry, very dry, sensitive and xerotic skin. These formulas are able to offer intense nourishment repairing the skin’s moisture levels. Furthermore, these compositions also restore the hydrolipidic barrier’s functionality and improve the skin’s elasticity. All of this thanks to the presence of active ingredients like Sodium DNA and Sodium Lactate. Lastly, you and the whole family may use the Rilastil Xerolact Cleansing Oil to effectively cleanse the skin of both face and body. This product does not irritate the eyes.