Rilastil Acnestil Mat, Cream, 40ml

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A lightweight, fast-absorbing emulsion specially designed to counteract the shine of combination, oily, dirty skin prone to acne. Resists enlarged pores and absorbs excess sebum. Reduces the oiliness of the skin, has a matte effect, which minimizes the disadvantages. Also suitable for sensitive skin.
Active ingredients:
- Vitamin B3 - increases collagen synthesis, smoothes the skin and lightens age spots. Reduces acne inflammation, regulates sebum production, reduces pores.
- Antarcticin - protects the skin from dryness, stimulates the skin regeneration process, reducing the depth of wrinkles and accelerating the healing process.
- Hyaluronic acid - provides deep hydration. It stimulates the healing of damaged areas of the skin without the formation of scars and scars, softens and smoothes. Effectively smoothes wrinkles and prevents their appearance.
- Citric acid in cosmetics increases the elasticity of the skin, whitens, the skin acquires an even, healthy color. It perfectly exfoliates the skin, removing keratinized cells of the upper layer of the skin and promoting the growth of new cells.
Action: Regulation of the sebaceous glands, elimination of greasy shine and enlarged pores.