Pharmalead Arnica, Cream, 50ml

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Arnica cream with ruscus extract & oregano essential oil
For Face & Body
Provides relief and coverage
Suitable for swellings and bruises
Antioxidant, antimicrobial & moisturizing action
With soft color
Suitable for sensitive skin
Dermatologically tested
Pharmalead Arnica Cream is a cream suitable for relieving and covering bruises and swellings from bumps, bites and skin irritations. It has a unique composition with:
Arnica tincture: the beneficial components of the plant are traditionally used to treat and relieve swelling, bruising, irritation.
Ruskus extract: gives a sense of relief and decongestion.
Oregano essential oil: rich in minerals and trace elements, has strong anti-oxidant and antimicrobial properties.
Menthol: offers a feeling of coolness.
Panthenol: its moisturizing abilities are ideal for treating dehydrated or irritated skin.