Perio-aid 0,12%, Toothgel, 75ml

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The PERIO-AID product line from DENTAID is designed specifically for the treatment and prevention of inflammation of the oral mucosa, periodontitis and periodontal disease. PERIO-AID products are suitable for daily use. The bigluconate and cetylpyridinium chloride contained in chlorhexidine inhibits the activity of bacteria and fungi in the oral cavity.
The PERIO AID Intensive Care line is excellent for use immediately after surgical, implantological and other treatment that has led to damage to the soft tissues of the oral cavity.
The gel PERIO-AID® Intensive Care contains in its composition Chlorhexidine bigluconate 0.12%, which provides an antiseptic effect for 8-9 hours, and also has an anti-gingivitis effect, treats and prevents fungal diseases. Cetylpyridinium chloride 0.05% has a bactericidal effect for 3-5 hours, treatment and prevents infectious and inflammatory processes, prolongs the effect of chlorhexidine bigluconate.