Ortis Detoxine Body Line Cherry, Liquid, 250ml

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How to use
Shake the bottle very well before each use. From Day 1 to day 7, dissolve 12 ml in a large glass of water and take it in the morning before breakfast. From Day 8 to day 14, dissolve 12ml in a large glass of water, take in the morning before breakfast and 12ml before the main meal. After 14 days, it is recommended to continue with Detoxine Body Line. Consume 12ml dissolved in a glass of water in the morning before breakfast for 20 days.
Special Precautions:
1. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount
2. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, medical advice is needed before using the product
3. When you start consuming the product, you may notice for a few days an acceleration in intestinal transit
4. People with diabetes or hypoglycaemia should consult their doctor before using the product
5. At the time of taking the product, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of caffeinated beverages
6. Not recommended for people allergic to salicylate derivatives