OLKO Plaster in roll 3cm x 250cm

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1. Gentle, breathable to maintain skin integrity
2. Easy-tear perforated rolls
3. Excellent cross and diagonal stretch to accommodate swelling and movement
4. Water resistant

Material cotton
Color white or skin color
Description Zinc oxide adhesive tape we manufactured are adhered with the basic material of pure cotton cloth coated with zinc oxide adhesive.
In the course of using sports-tape, one should first clean skin, then tear and cut wantonly according to the necessary length to stick on the necessary position. When sticking on the skin, there maybe appears a little sensitization for someone but once stop using it, discomfort will go away. Besides this, there is no other harm to skin. It has the feature of fast cure, low cost and long storage.
Expected Use Zinc oxide adhesive tape is suitable for fixing dressing at surgery, such as fixing light duct, dressing and so on.
a) Use only once.
b) When appearing some low sensitization one should stop using it. Once stop using any sensitization will go away and there is no other harm to skin.
c) Products affected with damp and becoming mildewed should avoiding use
Storage it should be stored in the room where relative humidity is not more than 80% and the temperature is -5 to 30ºC
and there is no causticity gas and good dryness.
Valid Date Conforming to the regulation of storage, the term of validity is three years from the date of manufacturi