Nitrile Powder Free Blue, Gloves, 100 x m/s

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Rip and Tear Resistant
Give yourself a little extra stretch with the high quality disposable gloves! Made with nitrile, a superior form of synthetic rubber than vinyl and made without latex.
Textured Fingertips
Enjoy the extra grip and and ease of workmanship that comes with the grip texture on each finger tip.
Latex Free
These rubber gloves are the perfect solution for anyone with latex allergies. Cooking Gloves
For home and commercial kitchen, cook with comfort and ease! The textured fingertips offer better grip and the rip and tear resistance means you won't need to change gloves mid job.
Food Prep Gloves
Thin enough to work in, but thick enough for better protection, this are ideal for cutting, chopping, peeling, and anything else you need to do to get your food ready.
Cleaning Gloves
For sweeping, mopping, dusting and even dish-washing, these are great for household cleaning and janitorial supply. Clean your bathroom with peace of mind knowing your gloves won't rip as you work.