Master Aid Digital Easy, Thermometer

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TechEasy is an easy to use, intuitive digital thermometer. Suitable for measuring oral, axillary, and rectal temperature. Easy to read LCD display. Measures temperature in 60 seconds. Notifies with a signal as soon as the temperature measurement has been taken. For temperatures exceeding 37.5°C, it has a “fever alert” that consists of 10 short beeps in 4 seconds. The last temperature measured is stored in the memory. TechEasy is precise (+ – 0.1 °C). Shuts down automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.
Fever alert
Memorisation of the last temperature taken
Water resistant
LCD Display
Acoustic alert
Rapid reading of the temperature in 60 seconds
Oral, rectal, or axillary reading
Precision ±0.1 °C
Automatic switch-off