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Lifeextension Florassist Balance Probiotic, Vegicaps, 30's

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What Is Florassist Balance Probiotic? FLORASSIST® Balance probiotic provides a proprietary blend of seven probiotic strains for maximum digestive health support. This blend optimizes digestive health, promotes a healthy immune response and supports whole-body health. FLORASSIST® Balance probiotic supplement uses dual-encapsulation technology to deliver large amounts of living probiotic colonies to your gut. FLORASSIST® Balance using dual-encapsulation technology to go around the harsh barriers of your digestive system. BETTER DIGESTION & NUTRITION –The beneficial bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract promotes healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and more. Probiotics, or supplements and foods that contain specific strains of bacteria, help you digest food, absorb nutrients and so much more...and our FLORASSIST Balance formula delivers 7 scientifically selected strains.