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Lanes Xtra Energy Eff, Efferv. Tabl, 20

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Food supplement Lanes Xtra Energy Eff is necessary for body toning and replenishment of energy reserves. The remedy contains 5 different minerals and 12 vitamins. Coenzyme Q10 is an especially powerful antioxidant that also helps to neutralize free radicals. Lanes Xtra Energy Eff will be useful for those who take statin drugs that inhibit the production of Q10. Contained microelements reduce the depth of the gum pockets, pain, swelling, and bone loss. Finally, this food supplement helps to increase athletic performance with increasing oxygen consumption rates.


Lanes Xtra Energy Eff at accessible price is already available in Cyprus; the ePharmaCY team organizes delivery on time. Take the pill daily. Lanes Xtra Energy Eff must be taken for 3 months, a one-month break between courses is necessary. The remedy cannot be used with antilipidemic, insulin, diuretics, hormonal agents, or antiarrhythmics.


Ingredients list:

  • Coenzyme Q10;

  • Vitamin A;

  • Vitamin B1;

  • Vitamin B2;

  • Vitamin B3;

  • Vitamin B5;

  • Vitamin B12;

  • Vitamin C;

  • Vitamin D;

  • Vitamin E;

  • folic acid;

  • biotin;

  • luteine;

  • taurine;

  • zink;

  • iron;

  • magnesium;

  • selenium;

  • manganese;

  • iodine;

  • chromium;

  • copper;

  • Panax Ginseng.


Remedy advantages:

  1. Removes toxins from the body.

  2. Unique vitamins and minerals.

  3. Based on natural components.

  4. Interesting package.


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