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Lanes Kcaligram
Glucomannan, is a dietary supplement containing glucomannan, a 100% plant
ingredient derived from the Konjac mannan plant.

Glucomannan is a
soluble fiber, which has the property of absorbing a large amount of water so
as to form a natural gel, which creates a feeling of satiety resulting in the
intake of less food and therefore calories.

The European Food
Safety Commission (EFSA), according to the results of numerous studies, has
approved glucomannan as an ingredient that contributes to weight loss in the
context of a reduced calorie diet. Prerequisite for the claimed result is the
consumption of at least 3gr of glucomannan daily in three doses of 1gr each,
along with 2 glasses of water before each meal. According to studies, the daily
intake of 4g of glucomannan helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.