Lamberts Milk Thistle, Tabs, 90 x 4500mg

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Silymarin is the main active ingredient of the fruit of the plant Silybum marianum (commonly known as milk thistle). It is an herb mainly endemic to the Mediterranean and was widely used by botanists in the United Kingdom in the 16th century. Silymarin consists of 3 individual isomers called Silybin, Silidanin and Silicristin. These substances belong to flavonolignans, a powerful group of plant active ingredients, of which Silybin is considered the most powerful. Milk Thistle is one of the herbs with the most references in the scientific literature.In the international literature there are more than 300 publications about its chemical composition and mechanisms of action. For the preparation of 250mg of titrated extract (the amount contained in each tablet of Milk Thistle by Lamberts) 8.5g of thistle fruit are required. Each tablet of Lamberts titrated Milk Thistle extract is guaranteed to deliver 200mg of Silymarin and like all Lamberts formulations is manufactured in the UK to strict Pharmaceutical GMP standards.