Klorane Corp Lait Fleur Hibisc, Body Cream x 200ml

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The specially developed formula Klorane Lait Corps Fleur de Cupuaçu will provide effective hydration and nutrition of the skin for 24 hours, maintaining natural beauty and velvety. The product consists of 96% ingredients of natural origin, which eliminate dryness of the dermis, restore its water balance and saturate it with useful substances. The milk is enriched with valuable and respected by cosmetologists cupuasu oil, which has exceptional nutritional and protective properties. Kloran Cupuacu Flower Body Milk gently cares for the skin, giving it incredible softness and silkiness. The product has a light consistency, thanks to which it is quickly absorbed and gives an instant feeling of comfort. After applying the milk, the delicate and sensual aroma of cupuacu flower, freesia and cotton milk remains on the skin.