Just For Men

J F M Dark Brown Black H-45, Hair Cream

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Just For Men hair colour blends shades of your natural colour into your grey so subtly, no one can tell where the grey was! This thick, no-drip hair colour is easy to shampoo-in. It stays put. No mess. Grey is gone in five minutes - the time it takes to shave or shower. Just For Men hair colour won't change your natural hair colour. It actually targets grey and blends in several close, but slightly different shades that match the rest of your hair. Fortified with vitamin-enriched conditioners, proteins, chamomile and aloe, Just for Men gives healthier looking hair that's easier to control and looks great. One application lasts up to six weeks. It won't fade or wash out but lasts until the grey grows back. To use: Apply, wait five minutes and rinse out. Full instructions included.

Guys have made Just For Men® Shampoo-in Color the #1 men’s hair color for a reason: It makes getting natural-looking, professional results incredibly easy. In 5 minutes, you’re grey-free and good to go. Your hair color lasts up to 8 weeks until grays grow back.