Ir- thermometer

Ir Thermometer Non Contact, Thermometer

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Suitable for measuring human body temperature. It is used at enterprises, passageways, in institutions working during the period of self-isolation.
Body temperature is one of the main indicators of human health, and its change can signal the presence of a disease. Nowadays there are many varieties of thermometers and each has its advantages.The most convenient to use is an electronic infrared thermometer, it is especially convenient to measure the child's body temperature with it, since there is no need to disturb him when measuring. The temperature measurement will take no more than 1 second, and the indicators will appear in large numbers on the device display. The functional features of the device allow you to save the data of the last measurement in its memory.The infrared thermometer for measuring temperature is very light and convenient to use.
Unlike a standard mercury thermometer, an infrared thermometer does not contain harmful mercury, now there is no need to worry that with a sharp movement the thermometer may burst or break, which will cause a number of problems associated with the removal of mercury from the room.