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Ionion Exam. Powder, Gloves, 100 x m/s

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✅ MULTIPURPOSE DISPOSABLE GLOVES - Are highly stretchable, and won't tear or rip easily. Nitrile gloves are the strongest form of rubber gloves, better than plastic, vinyl or latex. Popular in food service, lab work, and areas where hand protection is required.
✅ GRADED CLEANING GLOVES - Best for dish washing, dusting, scrubbing at home and industrial janitorial uses! Comfy to wear and take off. With an ample beaded cuff, they're awesome gloves for tattoo artists, labs, and more.
✅ ALLERGY FREE - No powder, no latex. 100% nitrile. Not synthetic or blend nitrile.
✅ TEXTURED - ambidextrous gloves are slightly textured, allowing for detailed work providing a tougher grip on items, for arts & crafts, handiwork, gardening and for use with touch screens.
✅ 3MIL THICKNESS - Keeping the flexible, and improving the durability when you need accuracy and control in such industries like beauty & salon, beauticians, and even light auto repair and DIY handiwork.