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Complete treatment designed to give tone and volume to the breast.

Contains the exclusive natural active ingredient Gezhimu ™, a combination of plant extracts (red algae, Gelidium Sesquipedale, “Zhi Mu” root and Sorghum Bicolor) capable of stimulating a natural process of accumulation of lipids in the cells of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

GUAM INTHENSO Volumizing Breast Cream thus has the property of making the breasts more voluminous, taller, firmer. With PUSH-UP tensor effect.

GEZHIMU ™, blend of plant extracts containing:

• ZHI MU (root): Asian plant of the “liliaceae” family. Promotes the progressive accumulation of lipids in the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the breast giving a "volumizing" effect

• GELIDIUM SESQUIPEDALE: red algae rich in minerals and amino acids. Remineralizing, it gives elasticity and softness to the breast skin

• SORGHUM BICOLOR: cereal with a high concentration of Vitamin C, B2 and polyols generates an immediate push-up effect on the skin

• ROSE HIP BUTTER: moisturizing, nourishing

GUAM INTHENSO Volumizing Breast Cream contains natural functional substances that do not interfere with the hormonal system

How to use

Spread a light veil of cream and massage in a circular direction, from the base of the breast towards the neck, avoiding the nipple, until completely absorbed