Interprox Plus Mini (Yellow), Brushes, 6

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Dentaid Interprox Plus Mini Yellow Interprox Plus Mini is designed to remove oral biofilm (plaque) build up from 1.1 mm * interproximal spaces, particularly in areas premolars and molars. His head angled brush provides easy access to the interdental spaces in the regions and premolars molars. This specific design allows entry perpendicular to prevent injuries gum. The size of the head ensures deep cleaning of the interdental spaces of at least 1.1 mm (PHD * = 1.1). Production of high quality innovative Tynex filaments allows better care of the rubber, because their design in two colors allows filaments white to identify the sites of bleeding and filaments blacks to detect the presence of biofilm oral. The stainless steel wire is coated with polyurethane (plastic), to better protect the structure of the mucosa, dental prosthesis. The brush is equipped with a protective cap for convenient carrying. Interprox Plus Mini effectively cleans between teeth and helps protect teeth from caries and periodontal disease. Interprox Plus Mini meets the standard ISO 16409 (the international standard for pipe cleaners).