Interprox Mini Yellow, Interdental, 6 x 1.1

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To care for the oral cavity, a lot of successful devices are created. With their help, you can avoid many unpleasant situations. Special brushes allow you to thoroughly clean the gaps between the teeth, without leaving food residues in them. This option will definitely be useful for people who wear dental structures of various types. They can order Interprax mini 1.1 (0.7 - 3 mm) interdental brushes to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation.
The convenient handle makes it easy to handle even those areas where it is difficult to get to. If necessary, it is always available to use a protective cap. It reliably protects the brush from bacteria and dirt. The safest materials were selected for the bristles in the products. Care takes place carefully, without injuring the teeth and gums at all. The same applies to the wire in the product. The tool was created with maximum care for the consumer.