Immuvit Prime 50+ Multivitamin, Softgels, 30

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The Immuvit prime 50+, in the form of soft capsules, is a complete and balanced multivitamin supplement with specialized and custom synthesis to the needs of the organization, which is increasing over the years. It is enriched with extract of Korean Panax ginseng, synenzymoQ10, L- carnitine, lecithin, lutein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Specifically vitamins, minerals and trace elements, essential substances for the human body after participating in the formation of coenzymes necessary for metabolism of food and energy production. The extract Korean Panax ginseng, provides physical energy and mental stimulation. Assist in the process of memorizing and helps strengthen reflexes. Eliminates the feeling of fatigue and increases the use of oxygen in muscles. The other ingredients, as antioxidants contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular and immune system.