Ice Power

Ice Power Plus + Msm, Gel, 100ml

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Cooling gel Ice Power PLUS
Pain in muscles and joints
Muscle tension (muscle stiffness)
After physical overload
To prevent and reduce swelling
Ice Power PLUS contains MSM, which significantly enhances the healing effect of Ice Power gel. Ice Power Plus is indicated for arthritis, arthrosis and tendovaginitis, as well as physical overload and pain in the back muscles. Also used as a cooling gel for the feet.
What is MCM?
MSM, or methyl sulfonyl methane, is a low molecular weight sulfur compound that is found in foods such as coffee, tea, herbs, and is also an integral part of various proteins in the human body. Sulfur is one of the most vital minerals that make up the cells of the human body at the level of MSM compounds. Sulfur -; it is a structural element of proteins, including creatine. Most enzymes also contain sulfur. MSM is found in the composition of muscle and articular connective tissues and skin. The sulfur compounds in MSM are easily assimilated by the human body. The sulfur content in the joints decreases during inflammatory processes.
MSM reduces the intensity of inflammatory processes, restores muscles after physical overload; when used prophylactically, it prevents muscle pain.
According to scientific studies, to date, MSM does not cause any allergic reactions.
The synthesis of collagen in the body is not possible without sulfur. Collagen is the most important protein in the tissue that connects the vertebrae.