Gum Junior Mouthwash + Toothpaste + Tootbrush (Spe, Pack, 3 x 6+

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Special Offer by GUM, Dental Health Pack for children aged 6 and above. Contains Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Toothbrush for complete dental care.
1. GUM Toothpaste 6+ Years:
- Tailored to the specific requirements of the new permanent teeth
- Designed to provide maximum caries prevention and enamel remineralization while tooth enamel is in the formative stages
- The unique patented combination of fluoride (1450ppm) and isomalt provides maximum prevention from cavities and enamel remineralization for strong and healthy newly erupted permanent teeth
- Very safe formulation: no Parabens, no SLS, no limonene
- Maximum fluoride level for advanced cavities protection
- Less abrasive than adult toothpaste so as not to damage the still soft dental enamel of the new permanent teeth
- Strawberry flavour preferred by the 6+ years old
- Gel texture with glitters
- Narrow hole to dispense the small amount of toothpaste needed by the child
- Flip top cap for easy use by children
- Stand up tube for less clutter on the bathroom sink/shelf
2. GUM Junior Mouthwash 6+ Years:
- Effectively helps prevent cavities by remineralizing the dental enamel thanks to our combination of fluoride and isomalt
- Not suitable for children under 6 years of age unless recommended by a healthcare professional. Contains 0.05% sodium fluoride (226 ppm fluoride ions).
- Prevents the plaque build-up that can harm the new permanent teeth
- No alcohol
- Gentle formula contains natural chamomile flower extract
- Yummy strawberry flavour
3. GUM Toothbrush Junior Monster 6+ Years:
- Toothbrush for children above 6 years old
- With fun design and trendy colours
- With a compact head and soft bristles for a safe and gentle brushing
- Dome trim bristles for plaque removal
- Toothpaste indicator, to indicate the right amount of TP to be used
- TPE Cushioned head for additional safety while brushing
- Anti-slip handle for good grip
- Practical suction cup
- Hygienic cap to keep the brush clean between use
- Available in 4 colours