Gum Bi

Gum Bi - Direction Fine Pink (1,2) 2614, Proxabrush, 6

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It’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, but did you know that toothbrushing only removes up to 50% of plaque?

Our innovative Interdental range helps you to clean those difficult-to-reach spaces between your teeth, especially at the back of the mouth, where plaque and tiny pieces of food can easily build up.

These professionally recommended brushes are especially useful for cleaning particularly wide or tight spaces between the teeth. You can also use them if you have a bridge, implants, or receding gums, or if you wear an orthodontic appliance.

The GUM® Bi-Direction Interdental brush has a clever rotating design that enables it to snap into two different positions to clean different parts of your mouth. We recommend using it at least once a day, preferably after your evening meal.