Gum Afta Clear Mouth, Rinse, 120ml

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Sunstar Gum Aftaclear Rinse Solution Treatment Afte And Mouth Injuries; 120ml bottle Description Gum Aftaclear is a new range of treatments for canker sores and mouth lesions, suitable for children and adults, which will take you back quickly to a state of well-being. Because of the barrier it gives relief from the first application, provides quick and sustained pain relief and promotes rapid healing. Not contine alcohol so it does not irritate, or pinching and does not burn. The entire range can be used for the treatment of mouth ulcers and small lesions of the oral mucosa such as orthodontic abrasions, denture irritations and minor abrasions. The mouthwash is useful for treating multiple ulcers, recurrent and difficult to reach. It helps prevent canker sores, ulcers and other mouth lesions worse, extend and recurrence. Format Bottle 120ml