Sunstar GUM

Gum 650 Advanced Soft, Picks, 30

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It’s vital to clean between your teeth every day, as plaque and food particles can easily accumulate in these tight and difficult-to-reach spaces.
As experts in interdental cleaning, we have developed an innovative new solution to make it simpler to get the results you want.
GUM® Soft-Picks® Advanced is our most convenient between-teeth cleaning tool. Gentle and easy-to-use, these disposable brushes feature super-soft rubber bristles and offer enhanced, complete interdental cleaning.
Thanks to their modern curved design, they can easily reach the whole mouth, including difficult-to-access areas such as the back teeth.
These brushes are an ideal starting point for between-teeth cleaning, and a great choice if you have particularly small interdental spaces, bridges, an orthodontic appliance, or fragile gums.