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Restores elasticity and firmness of the skin, acts purposefully to reduce the abdomen volume and waist. Designed for daily wear. The shorts are comfortable to wear and allow to move freely throughout the day. During movement, the metabolism in the deep layers of the skin improves, the skin becomes tightened.

The pants are made of a special patented EMANA® fabric: a polyamide intelligent microfiber, with embedded bioactive microcrystals in the structure. These microcrystals absorb heat from the human body and return it in the form of infrared rays F.I.R.  (Far Infrared Rays), which improve microcirculation and metabolism of skin cells.

Bioactive microcrystals do not disappear from the fabric with time and do not stop functioning after washing. Also, microcapsules containing GUAM seaweed are embedded in the structure of the fabric fibers. These microcapsules release active substances that, due to infrared radiation, penetrate deeply into the skin. After regular use, the product forms a slimmer silhouette of the legs and buttocks, even in the most problematic areas.

How to use?

Put underwear under pants. When using for the first time, you can slightly stretch the fabric. The pants easily adapt to the shape of the body after the first use. The results will be noticeable after using the product for 6 hours a day for 30 days in a row.

Never use Guam Panty Ventre Piatto Snellente Taglia during pregnancy.

Wash at 40 °.

C. EMANA® fiber has Oeko-tex and ISO 9001 international certificates, which confirm that the product contains harmful chemicals.

The number of active substances in microcapsules will gradually decrease.

Therefore, after the third week of use, it is recommended to apply one of the following active GUAM creams to the skin of the legs and buttocks before putting the product on:

  • Fangocrema Giorno
  • Fangocrema Fresco
  • Fangocrema Activity Day