Goloka - Pure Sandalwood Scented Oil - Pure Sandalwood 10ml

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Interior scented oil: Goloka - Pure Sandalwood - Pure Sandalwood 10ml bottle

Spice up your living space with a fragrance oil you can't miss. Bring on the woody, balsamic scent of the moment, if you like the clean, relaxing scent of sandalwood.

Use :

- In diffusion as an interior fragrance with a perfume burner (diluted in water), an oil burner, a pot pourri...
- To wash and perfume your interior add 5 drops of perfumed oil diluted with 3 tablespoons of alcohol vinegar in the bucket intended for washing floors.

- Diffused in indoor fountains and misters (caution! see according to manufacturer).

Do not apply to the skin, do not swallow.
10ml dropper bottle.

In regards to:

Goloka is a popular brand, manufactured by a non-profit organization, Goloka Seva Trust, located in Bangalore which facilitates charitable activities such as:
• The Akshaya Patra Foundation (middle of the day for meals for underprivileged children).
• Education and vocational training for widows of Vrindavan in incense making and Dhoop.
• Help poor students by getting them scholarships.

The specialty of Goloka Seva Trust is that 100% of the profits will be donated to charitable activities while you enjoy the quality of Goloka products.

Presentation suggestion, the decor in the photo is not sold with the Pur Santal - Pur Sandalwood Goloka scented oil.