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Goloka Buddha 15g N15

Manufacturer: GOLOKA,

India Packing: 15g

Aroma: awakening, invigorating. Incense for happiness "There is no way to HAPPINESS, HAPPINESS IS THE WAY" Buddha. The incense is made from spices, herbs, flower extracts, exotic oils and other natural ingredients carefully selected and combined to create a positive atmosphere. Their organic formula brings fragrance to the home or room where we place them. A blend of aromatic herbs and extracts to help balance emotions and relieve anxiety and depression. It also helps reduce airborne bacteria. The basis of Goloka incense is a simple bamboo straw, on which a mixture of herbs, essential oils, roots and other aromatic and medicinal components (masala) is applied. Such incense is fumigated in rooms (creating a pleasant atmosphere), put in a washing machine (during washing clothes), in cabinets (from moths and to flavor things).

How to use:

Bring the incense stick to an open flame. Wait for the edge of the stick to ignite. Bring down the flame of the incense stick by exposing it to intense air currents. Set the smoldering stick in a special stand, or hold it vertically in your hands.

One stick weighs about 1 gram and burns for 45 minutes.