Gehwol Wooden Callus 27cm File 0

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The Gehwol callus file is a really stable and good wood file for easy callus removal. You will enjoy the Gehwol file for years. The foot file is a tried and tested, environmentally friendly quality product made of wood, a double-sided coated clear lacquered wooden file for the feet, with waterproof, antibacterial, equal sized abrasive grains that guarantee a clean, injury-free sanding. The corundum abrasive grains are permanently fixed with the waterproof backing material. Therefore perfect for use in the shower or bath.

The coarse side of the file is used to grind the calluses and the fine side is used to smooth the calloused skin. You can quickly and comfortably file the hard and calloused skin and painful cracks on the sole of the foot with the callus file. Please note when filing with the foot file: the skin that cracked and callused is only in the longitudinal direction of the cracks (not file horizontally). To avoid further tearing of the skin). The foot skin immediately becomes noticeably soft and supple.

You can easily clean the callus file/rasp: simply rinse under running water. The Gehwol foot file can also be cleaned with a cleaning and/or disinfectant solution. After removing the callus, apply a Gehwol cream to reduce calluses. - Contents: 1 x Gehwol callus file – Length: 27 cm – Width: 5 cm – Material thickness: 8 mm – Material: sturdy wood – double-sided grain size 60 and 100 grit manufacturer: Eduard Gerlach GmbH Brand: Gehwol foot file.