Fluocaril Whiteness, Toothpaste, 125ml

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FLUOCARIL TOOTHPASTE 125 ML PREVENT TOOTH DECAY. FORMULA: Sodium monofluorophosphate 0.760 g, 0.3315 g sodium fluoride (250 mg of fluoride ion 100 g), 4 g sodium benzoate, Excipient qs 100 g. Fluocaril bi-fluoré 250 thanks to its high concentration of fluorine acts effectively against dental caries. Its formula allows a double anti-caries action: Immediate-Action: fluorine is fixed quickly and directly on enamel and on dental plaque. Persistently Action: fluoride acts for long periods, even after brushing. The structure of the enamel is thus permanently enhanced and better reiste to attacks cariogenic acids. Bacterial growth of dental plaque is strongly slowed. Bi-fluoré fluocaril 250 also has an anti-tartar action that facilitates the attachment of fluorine on enamel and prevents inflammation of the gums. High fluoride ion concentration: 0.250 g% = 2500 ppm. Mint flavor.