Filodoro Dafne Antacite, Calson, allsizes x 20den

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Filodoro Ninfa 20 - thin transparent elegant elastic tights of the BEAUTY series. With a classic fit at the waist. Tights are uniform along the entire length, without shorts. With hygienic polypropylene gusset, molded. Comfortable connecting seam, comfortable elastic waistband 3 cm wide, transparent toe caps. Features: Lycra is a registered trademark indicating the high quality of elastane. Oeko Tex Standard 100(R) international certificate for textile products. Color scheme: Nero - classic black, Playa - light beige, Cappuccino - cappuccino, Abbrozante - bronze, Cognac - cognac, Platino - brown-gray, Glace - dark beige, Anthracite - anthracite.