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ALL NATURAL BEST CELLULITE TREATMENT: Guam Seaweed was harvested from the pure, uncontaminated ocean. This mineral-rich seaweed restores, rejuvenates, and conditions skin to provide fast and natural cellulite reduction and skin detox, It does not contain silicons, lanoline, paraffin, so it absorbs fast and makes it an easy and effortless cellulite treatment at home

REDUCE LEG SWELLING: another effect of this anticellulite treatment is helping with the removal of excess fluids in the tissues and reduce swelling by decreasing water retention, tightening and helping with skin firming. Guam body wrap helps boost microcirculation and promote healthy fluid balance in your legs

IMPROVES LEGS AND THIGHS APPEARANCE: This seaweed body wrap for legs fights cellulite and leg skin imperfections, improving microcirculation and skin elastic. Clinical studies show that the regular application of Guam Seaweed Mud shrinks thigh circumference by up to 2.5 cm. It gives you smooth skin and is an excellent fat and cellulite remover.

GENTLE COOLING FORMULA: This anticellulite body wrap contains menthol that contributes a cooling sensation to the skin, calm irritation, itching, and burning, diminish the appearance of dark spots and age spots making this anti-cellulite treatment easy on the skin, and spider veins.

PROFESSIONAL SPA-GRADE CELLULITE TREATMENT: Guam Body Wraps and Creams for Cellulite are well known in Europe for its exceptional quality, ingredients safety, and efficiency. With over 33 years of expertise in the body repair industry, GUAM originated in Italy and continue to perfect their premium products with constant researchers and clinical studies. This Body Wrap is the exact product used in many Spa Salons for body wrapping and now available at your home.


- Whole Dried Seaweed
- GUAM Algae Seaweed
- Kaolin Clay
- Fucus Phytoextracts
- Ivy Extract
- Essential Oils of Oregano and Lemon
- Lecithin
- Menthol

How to use:

- Mix with water well and massage on the affected areas completely covering the skin. 
- Wrap the same areas using saran wrap.
- After 45 mins rinse the mud and cling film off together in a shower. Finish by massaging with GUAM Strengthening Gel until completely absorbed.