L'Oréal Paris

Excellence 4, Haircolour, 48ml

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TRIPLE PROTECTION / UP TO 100% WHITE COVER. Cream-Protection Paint / Enriched with Pre-Keratin. Color that lasts. 2. NEW care shampoo with gentle pH / Gently cleanses the scalp / Nourishes the hair. 3. Gentle Nourishing Mask / Shiny hair with elasticity. NEW TYPE INSIDE THE PACKAGING. Care shampoo with gentle pH after painting. Designed to be used after rinsing the cream-paint. Gently cleanses your scalp and hair, rinsing off the extra cream-dye. Nourishes the hair. More shine. Rich color. Category III permanent hair dye. Color duration: permanent painting. Coverage: up to 100% white coverage. Texture: creamy, does not run. Waiting time: 30 minutes.