Evdermia Caladerm, Cleanser, 200ml

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[CONTROL OF OILY SKIN] Cleanses pores and removes excess sebum
[MOISTURE-RETAINING INGREDIENTS] Contains Dermofeel P-30, panthenol and glycerin, which help to maintain the natural moisture of the skin
[FROTHY FOAM] Foaming action gently refreshes
[UNIVERSAL CLEANSING] Suitable for use on face and body
[[GENTLY AFFECTS THE SKIN] It does not contain allergens, without SLES and SLS, parabens, does not comment, does not dry and does not irritate. This refreshing gel effectively removes excess fat, dirt and makeup
[CONTAINS ] salicylic acid, Dermosoft decalact, Dermofeel P-30, panthenol, glycerin
[RECOMMENDED BY A DERMATOLOGIST ] Evdermia dermaceuticals is developed by dermatologists and contains products suitable for dry skin, atopic skin, oily skin prone to acne, anti-aging products and hair care products