Eubos Red Skin Cleansing (Refil), Liquid, 400ml

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EUBOS Liquid Washing Emulsion 400ml Refill Pack (Red)
Mild Cleanser from Head to Toe Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin
( Fresh Fragrance, CAPS-free, Alkaline Soap-free with Physiological pH )
EUBOS Liquid Washing Emulsion is gentle for washing, showering or bathing. It is alkaline and soap free with Physiological pH. Due to the special combination of
mild detergents and active agents with moisturizing factors, it is ideal for normal to problematic skin and can even be used in soap intolerance. It also protects
the skin during the cleansing process, prevents drying out and scaling. Well tolerated by highly stressed, chapped skin.